What is included with The Air Handler Replacement?

  • The inside unit
  • Disconnecting and removing existing inside unit
  • Installation of the Air Handler
  • Installations of the electric heater
  • Testing new system for proper operation
  • Instructions on proper use

American Standard GAM5 - Series 5 Modular Multi-Position Air Handler, Multi-Speed High Efficiency Motor, Refrigerant R-410A

- Unique Cabinet Design 

- Double Wall Foamed and Formed Cabinet System 

- Water Proof Cabinet Design 

- R-4.2 Insulating Value (Avg Insulating Value R-8.2) 

- Composite Foamed Cabinet Doors 

- Sweat Eliminating Cabinet Design 

- Loose Fiber Eliminating Cabinet Design  

- Smooth Cleanable Cabinet Design 

- 2% or Less air leakage 

- Precision Durable Door Seals 

- Modular Cabinet 

• Multi-Position UP/Down Flow Horizontal Left /Right

•   Phillips head door fasteners

• Side Return Option

• Refrigerant Connections

• Condensate Connections

• Premarked Conduit Connection Locations

• Vortica® Blower with Integrated Slide Deck for Easy Removal

• Polarized Plug connections on Blower

• Aluminum Coil with Integrated Slide Deck for Easy Removal

• Slide in Electric Heaters with polarized plug connections (sold as accessory)

• Polarized Plug connections for Electric Heater

• UVC light kit with safety switch and polarized plug connections (sold as accessory)
• Labeled Panels and connections

• 1 1/4" to 1" And 3/4" to 1/2" Conduit connection on Left, Right and Top

• Molded in 1" Standard Filter rail

• R-410A Thermal Expansion Valve

• R-22 conversion Thermal Expansion Valve available (sold as accessory)

• Low Voltage Pigtail Connections


1 year labor warranty with Ti Solutions

10-years registered limited warranty on coil & all other functional parts (Residential Use)

Does not include replacement of Air duct, vents, returns, refrigerant pipes, high and low voltage wires and outside unit.

Additional works may result in an updated final price


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American Standard Air Handler Replacement

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